100 Days of Summer: 1

This is the start of my 100 days of summer project – mostly done through my iPhone SE.

For the time being, I’ve given up my camera which is a deeply personal conviction for myself and I’m not sure when I’ll pick it back up but since I’ve put it away, I’ve learned more about photography than I would if I’d held on to it. And since photography is a ways of self-exploration, you could say I learned a lot about myself and realize I have a lot to work on. I believe as I develop my personal self, my photography will develop (no pun meant).

In all seriousness I thought I would prove you don’t need an expensive camera, but found instead those are nice and make things much easier, but I’m no longer out to prove anything. It is a flaw I’ve carried all my life and now I’m putting accomplishments and attainability aside. It’s time to stop reaching, and start noticing others. It’s time for self-forgetfulness.

Camera+ App, Lightroom Mobile, ISO 32 | 4000 SS

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