I’ve heard the call to pay attention and felt the urge to tell stories. Here is the beginning of my answer to those two things.

You’ll find more often here, photography rather than words because I speak with more ease through my camera lens than with a pen. I love the images I create much more than the words I write. Maybe one day my writing will catch up. Until then, I invite you to stay and see the story in each photo or group of images.

Obviously, you wanted to know a little about me so here goes. I am not a paid professional photographer, but instead I am a hobbyist which I like to think more of as a creative or artist. I love street photography and photojournalism but find those difficult to do with two little ones at my feet. Many times they are the subject of my work.

I am a southerner, a native North Carolinian who never had the heart to leave. Naturally, I have a big heart for barbecue, sweet tea, pimento cheese sandwiches, the beach and the mountains. I’m blessed to live in a small city in western North Carolina, a little further from the beach than I’d like but oh so close to where I grew up in the mountains. We are tending to our much loved 100 year old house and overgrown backyard with it’s aged camellias, azaleas and pecan trees. I was a high school teacher, coach, and athlete in my former lives and both have never left me so in a way they still define a part of me.

I believe in the power of stories and unfortunately there are a lot of people without a voice or who do not understand how to make their voice heard. Tragically, they may even believe no one wants to hear their voice or they have no story to tell. It is my dream one day to help them tell their stories. Until then, you’ll find me telling my own stories and the stories of those people who surround me. I give this to God.