Photography Sketchbook: My Favorites

I recently started up a photography sketchbook. One that will include sketches on ideas I have but will also include my creative attempts, exercises, and inspirations. I plan on using it as not only a way to get out my thoughts and processes onto something tangible but to also document development as a way to discover myself in my photography.

The podcast, The Art of Photography, inspired me to start one up. There they have photo assignments I’ll be completing but I’m not only including those. I’ve already begun to include two other assignments from a class I took from Click Photo School – Fine Art and Visual Expression.

I plan on sharing everything here as well as a way of accountability.

The pre-assignment on The Art of Photography was to gather your favorite recent photos. Below are what I gathered. But what is funny is through Fine Art and Visual Expression we had the same assignment but we also had to determine the most used expressions of depth in those photos. So the chart below that is what I filled from those favorite images. The last page is a look at what I believe is my evolving style.


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