Studies in Fine Art and Visual Expression Photography

I just finished up a class in fine art photography at Click Photo School and thought I’d share the results and my favorites from the four week course. I shot everyday with a concentration on a theme or function of the class. Below the photos are broken down by week.

Week 1 – I focused on the use of foreground to create depth in an image.
FAVE Foreground-4

FAVE Foreground-5

FAVE Foreground-8

FAVE Week 1 -1



Week 2 – I focused on portraits with the use of foreground.

FAVE Week 2-2

FAVE Week 2-3

FAVE Week 2-5

FAVE Week 2-6

FAVE Week 2-7


Week 3 – I focused on movement, mainly using my Lensbaby to create the feeling of movement or enhance it.

Week 2 doover-2

FAVE Week 3-5

FAVE Week 3-14

Week 3 brighten-1

Week 4 – to be added soon!

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